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keep it here on fox news channel. the o'reilly factor is next. and we're going to do an open thread on gretawire, be there. see you t >> eric: hello, everybody. it's 5:00 on the east coast. this is "the five." i'm eric bolling, alongside andrea tantaros, bob becket, dana perino and greg gutfeld. so much to talk about today. as america barrels toward economic disaster. republicans offering machete like cuts to spending. meanwhile, the democrats, scalpel, getting dull. we break it all down. and union scare tactics going way beyond inflatable rodents. the seiu thug manual revealed. and jane fonda dumped by qvc, but the liberal left princess isn't taking it sitting down. "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪
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>> eric: all right. story sparkingout rage today from the liberal left. herman cain saying folks should have the right to stop a mosque being built in their town. listen to this. >> let's go back to the fundamental issue that the people are saying they are objecting to. they are objecting to the fact that islam is both a religion and a set of laws, shariah law. that is the difference between any one of our other traditional religions where it's just about religious purposes. the people in the community know best. i happen to side with the people in the community. >> eric: all right, guys. we all agree that muslims have a right to build mosques where they wish. but i agree with mr. cain, it isn't right to build a mosque where it's not wanted. bob becket is probably ready to stab me in the eye. but look, bob, we agree there is a constitutional right to build a mosque but when the community says this is disruptive, this will change the way our community lives and works and plays and prays,
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why not have the ability to say not here, not now? >> bob: i'm still trying to get over my depression of your open. god, it was terrible. well-written, but -- herman cain, frankly, a nice guy. i've met him. he ought to stick to pizzas. the reality is that we can argue about 9/11. i mean i can understand that. we have had that debate. but this is tennessee. if a community, what if the community doesn't want a catholic church? when he talks about shariah law, every religion has a set of rules but they don't override local law, federal law or state law. the whole idea is unconstitutional and i'm amazed he is sticking to this. >> eric: where do you fall on this one? >> andrea: as much as i don't want the ground zero mosque built in downtown manhattan they have a right to build it. bob is right. it's a slippery -- i know. you didn't just hallucinate. it just said you were right about the first amendment, letting religion -- listen, the same thing is true if
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christians wanted to build a church. i don't want the slippery slope for christianity. i don't want christians to build a church or temple. dangerous. >> eric: the ground zero mosque, bone fragments on the roof of the building. it was found. landing gear from the airplane that went through the roof at ground zero. wife can't the community come out and say not here? move it away. >> dana: are they really going to give them another place to put it in that area? maybe not. i don't understand why herman cain continues to answer the questions. >> bob: exactly. i don't either. >> dana: he is running for president of the united states. having been advisor to the president what i would have said is chris, i know why you're asking that question. let me tell you something, as president i would about medle in city and state affairs. they can make their own decision. i'll focus on jobs. >> bob: after all the heat he took -- >> dana: i don't why he fell for it again. >> bob: he said he wouldn't put a muslim in the cabinet. if you are digging a hole, hand me the shovel. herman cain never got the message. >> greg: i will tell you why
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he answers the question and it's the reason i love him. he is wrong in this case but wrong like your grand dad, that 95% of the time he's right. he's a little billionth older and he has some politically incorrect blood in him. he is not politician. when you are not a politician, you don't know exactly what questions you're not supposed to answer. that is part of being a politician. he is the average guy at a bar talking about something that bugs him. the media is interested in let's not have a wal-mart built. america doesn't care about that. america is more interested in this debate than about wal-mart. he is wrong on this. you can't conflate this with new york, however, the gaffes are based on being human. he has understandable anxiety about islam, because we all have the angezity. >> bob: was your grandfather 95% right? >> greg: i believe he was. >> bob: mine was loaded all the time. >> dana: the problem for herman cain though he did
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better than governor tim pawlenty in the quinnipiac poll, which did surprise me, one thing that happened after he made the comments yesterday is you have to understand during the nomination process the republicans are looking for any reason to strip away somebody from the debate. in this case, right-leaning blogger type decided herman cain is not our candidate. he does better and is more refreshing talking about jobs. >> andrea: he does get offmessage. he should stick to jobs and the economy. this is his strength. >> greg: with obama, you have the world wary grand father and the boring cousin. who is the academic. it would be a beautiful debate. >> eric: hang in there, guys. go to michele bachmann. a lot of discussion on her fundraising ability. dana, talk to us about what is going on in the bachmann
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campaign? >> dana: an article today said she did well in the last two weeks and she has. a lot of the donors are small. average donation is $48. she transferred the money from her campaign and i know bob has an opinion on that. a good one. i would say that again, as a republican seek to strip away who is going to be the candidate they want, one of the things that a person i know, good friend of mine john theory, long-time republican consultant quoted in the "washington times" article and tweeted this morning that bachmann won't be able to raise money from big donors because they don't really like her. i think a few things are going on. that could be true. perry sitting on sidelines could be true. i think if the corporations or big donors, big bundlers have money to give, they are giving it to the senate g.o.p. races. >> bob: they are. the other reason they are not giving it to her is they are scared to death that she will become president. that's my new zealand point.
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give her credit for raising money. she did it last year, and state-of-the-arted in the healthcare debate. she was smart getting out there -- and smart in the healthcare debate. this is not as formidable -- >> eric: this is only june 27. >> bob: but the real key is in the presidential politics, how many times do you go to the donor list to give money? if you have those small con industrybutions you can go back four or five times. if you can't go back ten times you are probably not going to hold up a big number. >> eric: there is also news she may have quit her church. what do you know? >> greg: the church had interesting things to say about the pope. a lot of catholics were upset. she may look to this as a reverend wright scenario and dumping out of there quick. all the stuff you do before you are a candidate that bubbles up and you start to cut ties. bob has millions of those ties that is why he can't run for
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anything. it can't run for anything. this happens for every candidate there is always one thing. >> dana: but she is better on the timing. doing it early on in primary situation. president obama waited until three weeks before the election. >> andrea: she see what is they are doing to their husband. george stephanopoulos, they are even going after her 23 foster kids she's being pre-emptive. not waiting. >> bob: the crux of this -- it's nice of you to talk around it, wus s. what her church said was the post is the antichrist. c'mon! i am not saying -- >> greg: you are the anti-christ. >> bob: i accept that. the reason she said it and got out, you know where there is a lot of catholics? new hampshire. >> andrea: and what happens in new hampshire? >> bob: if you say you belong to a church that the pope is the anti-christ, you're dead. >> eric: we don't have a lot of time so maybe start it here and hold it over for second block as well. rick perry, bob, you have a problem with mr. perry, governor perry?
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>> andrea: you have a problem with everybody with an "r" behind their name. >> bob: generally, true. when perry said i'm getting closer to running now because i had a calling. my question is a calling from who? god called him? >> dana: that is taking it out of context. >> bob: no -- >> dana: they did it to george w. bush, too. that is not what he is saying. talked about being called on from america. he is not saying that god told him to run. >> bob: hold on. god wouldn't call this guy to run. >> andrea: god never called you to do anything? >> eric: i am not ready the tell you i am ready to announce i'm in but i am getting more and more comfortable every day that this is what i've been called to do. this is what america needs." that is a far cry from the way you see it. >> bob: what america needs? this is what america needs? himself? this is what america needs. first, you read that thing. it would take perry another hour to finish that sentence.
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>> eric: do you like rick perry? >> greg: i don't know enough about him. but media says religion is laughable from the right and laudable from the left. when someone is religious like barack obama or jimmy carter it's spiritual. if it's from the right it's right wing christian extremists. >> bob: the guy is suggesting that god is calling him to run. >> andrea: i don't think he is. what is so bad about that? why can't you be a religious politician? >> bob: god doesn't get in the business of asking people to run for politics, that's why. it's the most absurd thing. >> andrea: you say he has call on you to do certain things and spoke to you. he doesn't speak about presidential pom tick noose >> bob: he doesn't get ahold of me and ask who my dates are. >> greg: no one has called me for anything. when you hear that, it's strange. i'm i lone at night no one calls. you don't even call me. >> eric: all right. coming up, potential problems for mitt romney? an advisor calls obamacare exchanges practical. at the same time the g.o.p.
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blasts the plan. "the five" will be right back.
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>> dana: welcome back to "the five." top romney advisor in a controversial piece of president obama's healthcare law. michael leavitt says exchanges where individuals and small businesses can purchase health plans are "a very practical solution to a problem that needs to be solved." he is urging the governor to put down their partisan flag over the interests of their state. so, romneycare, andrea, how is that working out for him? >> andrea: not so well. i would point out the exchanges that leavitt was talking about aren't working out very well for utah either. so it's strange he is doing that, but not so strange because i believe he is trying
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to get his guy -- >> dana: why isn't it working? the people aren't able to see a doctor, the cost keep going up? >> andrea: absolutely. the same thing happening in massachusetts. massachusetts has been a cost containment nightmare and they have been forced to implement price controls. one of the issue is massachusetts had the lowest number of uninsured in the country. right? they had 94% of people who were insured. 6work were not. why not deal with the 6%? romney wanted to be historic. he had had to mandate that everybody go into romneycare. the biggest issue is they didn't have the guts in massachusetts just like president obama to make the penalty for signing up, greater than the actual premium. what you have in massachusetts is a bunch of people are getting sick. they're just signing up when they go to the hospital. they are paying the penalty. >> bob: some people are getting sick in massachusetts? are they eating bad cod? >> andrea: you know what happens. a bunch of people jumping in at different times. driving the cost through the roof. frankly, romneycare is
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obamacare. it's absolute night mary. >> bob: by the way, no exchanges set up except for few states. >> andrea: no one signed up. >> bob: you have until 2014 to do that. in m.d., i'm one of the first people to sign up and i insurance, no one else would insure me. >> andrea: i wonder. >> bob: they wouldn't insure me and now i insurance thanks to a very good healthcare plan based on the obama plan. >> eric: they are in trouble. honestly, mitt romney is in trouble. this will become bigger. look what is going on since obamacare. prices raised, premiums, everything going up. they are trying to drive everyone to exchanges. eventually it will be all government run exchanges. it will drive the private businesses out of -- >> dana: do that as well from a political stand point, bring it back to politics. greg, how do you think that healthcare and the whole debate feeds in the 2012 election?
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>> greg: the big problem for me i never heard of healthcare exchanges until the story meeting a couple hours ago. it ticked me off. i figure i'm like everybody else in america who doesn't know what it is. you find out it was part of a giant bill that nobody ever read. it feeds more resentment, because it adds more information to this giant ball of confusion. it sounds like something else. i to read. and i don't want to read it. >> bob: if you were somebody who had, who couldn't get insured. >> greg: like you. >> bob: that is right. but a lot of people will get insurance out of this who were not insurable. if you talk about insurance companies the bums raise -- they use that exchange to raise -- they will use an excuse on the fly. >> eric: anyone in america who can't get healthcare if they needed? anyone including illegal aliens -- >> greg: bob cannot get health insurance. >> bob: it costs a fortune and spread to everyone else with insurance. >> the problem is the
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exchanges in order for them to work, you need healthy people to sign up. bob, off bunch of -- you have a bunch of sick people flooding the exchanges. you need healthy people to sign up. >> bob: they're not all like me. they need healthy people to sign up there are 40 million people that are uninsured. >> andrea: can someone give me the number, that the -- >> bob: 40 million. it just gave it to you. >> andrea: he has a different one. >> greg: this is so helpful. why are they getting waivers? people for it are asking health insurance, yes, i do because i work at fox news. >> bob: is that why you get it? >> andrea: dana -- >> dana: i was going to say something that happened this morning. i was in d.c., i had to pick up a prescription. it went and a woman was in front of me and she got three prescriptions. they said it's $1.45. i'm like $1.45? mine is more, not generic, and it's $200.
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the pharmacist said why is your prescription so expensive? i thought wait a second. on dinner friday night, i spent nearly $200 on, you know, picked up the check for the dinner. i thought, well, we're all so warped in our thinking that healthcare should be free. >> bob: wait. most people can't relate to $200 dinner either. >> you don't know how many people were there. >> andrea: you quoted a number. 40 million uninsured, whatever number it is. obama said 36 million. all different numbers. if you look, 18 million of the uninsured are eligible for medicaid. why wouldn't the administration focus on getting them on the role? how about that for a public option? >> bob: you are like my ex-wife. >> andrea: that is insulting. >> bob: it's not insulting. >> dana: that is meant as an insult to her and i think you should apologize. >> bob: my ex-wife is a nice lady. perry will be a factor in this because he will come in and he is conservative and he will
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make the social agenda that heretofore has not been because they're focused -- daps how do you think that? >> bob: he made it clear. >> dana: he has not. >> greg: bob wants him to make social issue the main issue so take away from unemployment and inflation and horrible economic stuff. >> bob: i'm just telling you. >> eric: why would he do that when he has a stellar track record to create jobs in texas? if he is smart he says talk about the job creation in texas. >> bob: i was trying to be honest and unbiased. i was listening to his speech and he talked about social issues. >> dana: how do we get out of this? i thought groundhog's day was in february but it's moved to july in washington. gearing up for a new vote tomorrow over the debt and the president is threatening to veto it. he has not even seen it yet. later, who actress jane fonda is not so fond of. blaming them for the recent cancellation on qvc.
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we tell you who she is picking a battle with next on "the five."
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- hi, i'm halle berry, and as a new mom, i can tell you that childhood is a magical time. but for children with diabetes, life is not quite so carefree. the barbara davis center for childhood diabetes is fighting hard to find a cure. know the signs: irritability, excessive urination, weight loss. if you have any of these signs, please call your doctor. early detection can save your life. give to save lives and reach for the cure. call now or log on to ♪ >> andrea: three words from president obama today on the debt talks in washington. "we're making progress." really? why were so many proposals floating around is there still no sign of a deal in sight? maybe there is. one plan called "cut, cap and balance" will be voted on tomorrow in the house of representatives. obama is already saying he
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will vie stow it. he offered -- veto it. he auvre nod plan of his -- offered no plan of his own and the national debt is out of control. now what? let's start with what "cut, cap and balance" is. "cut, cap and balance" is substantial spending cuts, enforceable spending cuts about a balanced budget amendment. i want to go around the table and i want to see your thoughts on what you think is going to happen tomorrow? they are going to bring it to a vote in the house there is talk it will pass the house. it may stall in the senate. saying i'm going to veto it. bob, likelihood of the "cut, cap and balance" making it to law? >> bob: as likely as i ever voting for a republican. look, here what is going on here. they have the vote tomorrow. it may pass the house no way it passes the senate. it requires two-third vote. constitutional amendment. they tried this before. it's just so that they can tell the tea party people out there, we are doing what they used to do, balance it. but if i can tell you, there
11:26 pm
is a deal in the works, in fact it will be done -- it has to be done by friday. august 2 deadline is wrong. >> andrea: what does it look like? >> bob: mitch mcconnell with a plan, $1.5 trillion in cut. notations. obama to go up to $3 trillion. >> andrea: no taxes? >> bob: first round. >> andrea: no taxes? boston a sell out. but you have to do it. >> andrea: best thing that happen to obama. >> --he g.o.p. -- >> bob: somebody has to be serious. >> eric: bob points out, what did you say $1.5 trillion? what is that going to do? really, that is not even going to make it through the end of this term. they need to fix the problem. that won't fix the problem. >> bob: you didn't let me finish. >> eric: can i point something out. obama spent $3.9 trillion in two-and-a-half years. he tacked it on the national debt. if you extrapolate two-term presidency, you are talking $13 trillion new dollars in debt on top of ten he started
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with. they would make greece look like goldman sachs. >> bob: that makes you sound like you know how goose put accounting together. you do dollars really well. >> dana: not debt. >> andrea: let me give you an alternate view. the other reason there are no new taxes in the deal that obama will sign is the republicans held strong. >> bob: no! >> dana: i know that bob you want to make it sound like republicans are all divided. president obama started off this negotiation with taxes on millionaires and billionaires. now he is going to pass a deal and sign a deal with no new taxes. >> greg: can i say something? this is a sad thing when you say you are winning when you probably are losing. the real debate over the debt has been lost. the real debate should be cutting taxes. versus raising taxes. now, it's raising taxes versus no taxes. so in a sense, the republicans and conservatives and libertarians have lost the
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debate. >> bob: you have lost the debate. i'd stick to comedy. >> greg: what does that mean? >> bob: no, i think you are one of funniest people i know. wait, can i -- just wait a second. the new cbs poll shows one thing you need to know, 71% of the american people think republicans are screwing up in the deficit. obama gets twice the favorability. why do you think that is in he is winning the battle. >> no he is not! >> bob: what do you call it? if it's not winning the battle, what is? >> andrea: dana, does the number make you nervous? 'canes inervous? >> dana: it doesn't. when president obama had the seal team to have them kill usama bin laden, i was on tv for the next week with people asking me so does this mean he will get re-elected? no. while it was courageous and good, this election is about jobs and growth and a choice as to we grow or decline.
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this is going to last about eight minutes. >> bob: i agree with that. but the other piece is this mandates, the deal mandates that 12 members of congress get together and come up by the end of the year with a plan that has to be voted on up or down no, amendments. i'm giving you -- i'm trying to give you something you don't quite understand up hire in new york. >> eric: the stock market turned down, the real estate market turned down. gold is $1602 an ounce today for one reason. record high. people out there, traders out there, the world realizes whatever plan they have in store, trillion-and-a-half ain't going to cut it. >> bob: it's all barack obama's fault. price of toilet paper went up. that is obama's fault. what else, your car is not working well? get off of it. >> andrea: you can thank the republicans for not turning the country go greece. >> bob: thank god! well, they still don't do -- no, no no. >> andrea: obama says we're not -- >> bob: that is one of the most ridiculous arguments. greece is tied to the euro.
11:30 pm
we have our own currency. we have the currency of standard around the world. >> andrea: we can't keep printing money. it will devalue our money. >> bob: you can print all the money you want to print. you can print another $1 trillion. or you cannot. >> eric: you want to pay $6 for gal listen of gasoline? print away -- gallon of gasoline? print away. >> dana: two of the smartest people in washington have take an duck on the issue, senator reed and pelosi. >> andrea: they are not on tv or out talking about it. >> bob: reed put his name out with con mcdonald. mcconnell rather. thinking old mcdonald. >> andrea: i don't think it's smart. we'll talk about this more. coming up, the fall-out in wisconsin continues. you won't believe who is admitting mistakes? will heads roll? later, actress jane fonda is fighting mad and fighting back. and find out why she thinks her history plays a role when
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♪ >> bob: wisconsin governor scott walker, oh, how we love him, is on the hot seat again. this time, walker admits making mistakes during his handling of the recent wisconsin union showdown. he says he didn't lay political groundwork no kidding, governor. to which i say no shot. meanwhile, some wisconsinlucks are facing recall because of the public outrage -- some wisconsin politicians are facing recall because of the public outrage. could the governor find himself recalled as well? this august there will be a vote on state senators, four republicans. they will go down in defeat. then, you have to wait one year under wisconsin law to have a vote on recall the governor, which is january of next year. he will be recalled. god help us all. we will get rid of this guy.
11:36 pm
>> dana: still control the assembly. >> bob: not in the senate they won't. >> dana: but assembly. >> andrea: that is wishful thinking. >> bob: certain parts of it. but the point is sanity will return once scott walker is gone. >> eric: can we point out democrats are up for recall as well? >> bob: they can. none of them will be recalled. >> dana: one will lose. >> eric: how much money, how many budgets are being fixed by this? school districts that were in the red $400,000, $500,000. it's showing profit. not profit but in the black, million, million-and-a-half dollars. because -- >> bob: can you tell me what scott walker has done in the state? >> eric: able to renegotiate with the unions. >> bob: this guy is so far out of the main stream wisconsin politics there is a reason he will be recalled. >> andrea: is that why governor of michigan is doing
11:37 pm
similar things? >> bob: he said he blew it because he didn't set political groundwork, but, governor, you couldn't sell it because ain't sellable in wisconsin because it's b.s. >> dana: i don't know why politicians fall for this. what is the biggest mistake you made? then they answer the question. >> greg: i work too hard. >> dana: i know. exactly. bob, i like that you gloss over that thing that there is a democrat that is definitely going to lose. i talked to people today based on the polls and they think most of the republicans win. but wisconsin can be a heart-breaker for republicans. you think you are going to win. president bush lost twice by razor thin margins. >> bob: because i love you, don't go out in front of me and i'm doing polling on the races and guarantee you the republican are not going to make it. >> dana: it's a bet. >> bob: okay, that's dinner. i know this is for bolling, manual by a union, the service employees international union, one of the controversial
11:38 pm
unions which makes suggestions how to deal with certain employers. and certain tactics. these tactics are somewhat controversial. i would haven't used the words they used here but i read company manuals how to gut unions so it wouldn't surprise me. >> eric: you wouldn't use pressure the employers. it can jeopardize the relationship. how about this? use dirt but make sure the dirt is clean enough. racism, sexism, exploitation of immigrants and on and on. sounds like a good manual. >> bob: i said i thought some of the use of words were strident. but it is a way for them to get the union membership, the base stirred up. i been through union battles before. some of the stuff said in union halls that aren't in manuals you think that is bad. on the other hand -- >> greg: you're not defending them well. >> bob: no, wal-mart, when they wanted to get rid of
11:39 pm
union, they wanted to unionize in canada. meatpackerrers wanted to union size. they shut down the whole wal-mart. that's a good idea. >> greg: the most successful companies in world, twitter, microsoft, apple, no unions. you don't need them anymore. the unfettered rise of union is coinciding -- >> bob: are you putting wal-mart in with those companies? >> greg: wal-mart is awesome. i bet you never been to a wal-mart, have you? >> bob: i been to a wal-mart. i had to go to the bathroom and it was the only place i could get into. i'm telling you that wal-mart destroyed main street america. >> greg: allen town, pennsylvania, is the only -- >> bob: did you really live in allen town? >> greg: ten years. it was kind of nice. it was the best thing about allen town was wal-mart. every week that is the only place where you can get everything you needed from
11:40 pm
meat -- >> bob: wal-mart is leighing allen town. >> andrea: this manual is paying off because friday the administration did a late afternoon press dumps and announced it was rewarding more waivers to union. so the union number is -- healthcare waivers for obamacare. 1,500 . now we have had this debate before. it understand why unions want to keep the fee low for their members. a lot are home healthcare workers, janitors. what is blatantly unfair, these on the same unions that pressureed the administration to put these mandates on everybody else. now they are just turning around to defend themselves. this is why people are so disgusted with unions. >> bob: i am delighted they gave waivers. low salary workers and every right in the world -- >> andrea: why mandate the rest of us are under the oppressive -- >> bob: because, baby you can afford it. coming up on "the five," media mash-up. including bill maher, jane
11:41 pm
fonda and a side of hollywood new controversial couple. later, a set of quadruplets who are now proud u.s. service members. much more when "the five" continues. ♪ ♪ p
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- hi, i'm halle berry, and as a new mom, i can tell you that childhood is a magical time. but for children with diabetes, life is not quite so carefree. the barbara davis center for childhood diabetes is fighting hard to find a cure. know the signs: irritability, excessive urination, weight loss. if you have any of these signs, please call your doctor. early detection can save your life. give to save lives and reach for the cure. call now or log on to >> eric: welcome back to "the five." now the top stories you're following on the fox be honest. how many times have you been to the airport and wanted to make the t.s.a. officer go
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through exactly what you are going through? well, get this. a 60-year-old woman was arrested in arizona for possibly doing just that. cops say you she refused to go through security, started arguing and then grabbed and twisted a female t.s.a. officer's butt. now she is facing felony charge of sexual abuse. do you travel a lot? do you feel like reaching out and touching somebody? >> dana: never. i'll become the t.s.a. poster child of championing them. that is what this woman did, was inappropriate. she should be -- charges should be pressed against her. i don't care how frustrated you get. take it out on terrorists not the t.s.a. >> eric: have you been through an enhanced patdown, bob? >> andrea: i thought you were going to ask if he grabbed t.s.a.? >> bob: i haven't. but what goes around comes around sometimes.
11:58 pm
>> eric: a story that is surprising in the sense people are surprised by it. catholic university wants to revert to single-sex housing but rather than thinking it would make sense the catholic university have single-sex dorm, george washington university says it's violation of human rights. the professor says i believe catholic university has no solid reason for moving to same-sex dorms. you have can't have a situation where you require men and women to have separate parking lot or separate computer labs. itch don't see a different with the dormitories. parking versus sleeping in the same dorm as men and women? >> andrea: it's crazy. catholic university can do whatever it want. pressureman year they put me in the virgin dorm. all girl dorm. most of the guys hung out there anyway because it was all women. i love living with all girls. who wants to win with men anyway. they're all dirty. >> bob: you were in the
11:59 pm
virgin -- don't you want to go to the day where you had to -- >> greg: if you are a private institution you have every right to do whatever you think is best. >> bob: absolutely right. >> greg: encroachment of liberalism dictating their tallrance of view across the board. >> dana: why does anyone there even care. >> bob: you know you're for same-sex dorms? why are you playing straight. >> greg: i grew up with three older sisters so i like living with guys in college. works better. >> eric: listen to this. this is good. nothing like sibling bond and set of qua group lets from pennsylvania -- quadruplets enlisted in the national guard. five of us would like to thank the four of them to wish them the absolute best of luck. godspeed. thank you for watching "the five," everybody. see you

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